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Last Motorcycle Class of 2020 Season

At the last class of the 2020 season we wanted to say Thank You to all of the supporters of Valley Abate. We are passionate about giving you the skills with our motorcycle class to enjoy the ride in safety and confidence. Our number one goal is to teach you the techniques needed to operate your motorcycle safely and confidently, to teach advanced risk management techniques that are effective not only in operating a motorcycle, but in everyday driving conditions, and instilling a lifelong love and passion for the sport of motorcycling.

The course will help you:

Learn the mental skills for safe motorcycling

  • Understand the risks associated with motorcycling
  • Identify and develop strategies to manage risk
  • Understand how your decisions affect your ability to ride safely

Gain the physical skills for safe motorcycling

  • Develop the basic skills needed to ride in a straight line, shift, turn, and stop the motorcycle
  • Improve basic cornering and braking skills
  • Practice braking and swerving skills needed for emergency situations

We encourage all motorcyclists to ride responsibly and respectfully. Ride free of impairment and make certain they are properly licensed to operate a motorcycle. We recommend that all riders take a formal motorcycle class, as studies have indicated that 90% of crash-involved riders are self-taught.

For more information about our rider education or to sign up for classes today Click Here.

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